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Tarot Readings by Whytewitch.

No tools readings and Spirit work - since 1975.

Tarot - since 1987.

Long distance readings - since 1994.

During my lifetime i have done face to face readings for several TV personalities, and one high profile star, who is my most regular client and very good friend. But unlike some other people , i take readings as being as confidential as a church confessional, so I do not name names. I also have worked closely with members of the Most Haunted crew.

?? ABOUT ME ??
I am an intuitive reader, i read from your energies and energies connected through you. I also use astro-tarot, and many other cards, and the pendulum. I do sometimes get connection from spirit but I have no control over it whatsoever, so if I have a message for you from spirit it is a bonus, if not, I apologize.

From birth I have been empathic and able to connect with spirit, and other forces. I thought I was normal until I went to school and discovered other folks couldn't see or hear what I could. I have also gained the nickname among those who know me personally as 'the exorcist' as I find I'm drawn to help the wandering ones and lead them from here to the next world. This is an aspect of the work that I particularly love, but unfortunately doesn't lend itself well to remote work. But I am still able to give advice on this subject if needed.

I began using the tarot at age 14 as a way of filtering the many signals I seem to receive and began giving readings back then. But empathic readings or advice has always been given by me to friends and family, the earliest I remember was when I was 7 and told a neighbour I didn't like her new car, because it made me cry. She was later involved in an accident in this car, the investigation proved there were faults in the body work of the car, she was quite badly injured but is fit and well now .

I gained the nickname 'witch' when it was thrown at me as an insult at school, but with my warped sense of humour I just smiled and said thank you. I have read extensively on various religions and belief systems. But have ultimately found my own path, in my life and work I use things from shamanic beliefs, Roman catholic, pagan, Druidic, Buddhism and Zen. I have also read Aleister Crowley and while he was a truly twisted and misguided character he had some very interesting theories. One of my favourites to read up on is Vodun or voodoo , I find this belief structure fascinating , if nothing else because all of its gods and goddesses are also catholic saints.

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