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Stagestars Scotland


Stagestars Scotland provides students with quality traning in the Performing Arts, in a disciplined, fun and motivated environment. Students receive tuition in the three core areas of Dance, Drama, and Singing. All the work then culminates in one major Stage Production each year.

Stagestars Scotland provides an excellent foundation for pursuing a career in the Permorming Arts or simply as an extra study. The benefits of this training are seen in the student's confidence, motivation, discipline, poise, social skills, and general conduct. Students will discover how the three art forms can be learned and developed in an enjoyable way, through working as individuals and in groups; thus encouraging their own talents, ideas and imagination. They will make new friends, develop many skills and work towards performances. The emphasis within the school is on quality, enjoyment and performing.

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Abbeyfield house
Old Town
Greater Speyside
tel: 07976221821
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