Craft fair and Carboot sale at Delgatie Castle, Turriff

Save Turriff Museum!

Fund raising craft fair and carboot sale for Turriff Museum fund Delgatie Castle


Turriff Museum is facing closure if they cannot raise funds to pay the rent from March next year when their funding from the Aberdeenshire Council will be removed totally or drastically reduced.

Joan Johnson, Trustee of the Delgatie Castle Trust read about this in the local press and this galvanised her to take action. Joan says, ‘this is our children’s heritage that will be lost and confined to some box in the archives somewhere forever never to be appreciated again if we do not rally round to support it. Dorothy, Deidre and many other volunteers work tirelessly to put on interesting exhibitions for townsfolk and visitors alike which gives all of us an insight into the past of Turriff and its people.

My visitors to the museum over the years have had invaluable help on their hunt for family history; the children of the local schools have had help with their projects and much more. The volunteers who run the museum give of their time so willingly to help keep all of this alive and at this time need our help.’

Joan therefore decided to hold a fundraising craft fair and car boot sale on the weekend of the 27th/28th August from 10a.m. to 5p.m. The charge for a craft table inside will be £10 for the weekend or a car boot position outside will be £10 for the day.

The proceeds from the stall holders and the admission to the event which will be £2.00 per person will all go to the museum funds. The admission price will include a tour of the Castle. Joan continues, ‘I personally can appreciate the hard work that running the museum involves as I have been a volunteer at Delgatie Castle for almost 30 years now to keep this piece of history alive and intact for future generations.

Constantly thinking of ways to make money as we all know is very difficult in these financial climates. If even half the population of Turriff became members of the Heritage Museum at £5.00 per person for the year then the future of our history could be preserved and don’t we owe this to our children and their children.’


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